Monday, February 9, 2009

Back in the Game

I've been so busy since arriving back in New York: school, new internship, working out, and on and on and on! But this past weekend, I got back in the game. 

Friday night I spent time on the runway for my designer friend Kate Goldwater, at a fashion show for an animal charity...which meant there were costumes... It was pretty adorable, I'm not going to lie...

Saturday morning I headed up to Central Park to meet two girls from my new internship at Organic Works Marketing for a nice 5 mile (plus 2 extra for me) run in preparation for the More and Fitness Magazine's Women's Half Marathon in April! (Somehow, between me and another runner in the office, we've gotten several girls signed up! How exciting! Watch out for Team Organic Works come April 26.) 

The day was a welcome break from our recently frigid weather. At 10 am, it was about 34 degrees, perfect for running if you ask me, and it warmed up wonderfully throughout the day. I dressed comfortably and brought some Pina Colada flavored Cliff Bar Shot Blocks to chew on in my great new running belt.

We chatted about family, friends, and mostly working out, (but not about work...that's not allowed.) The run was nice and easy for me, and I added a mile warm up and a little over a mile cool down after I parted way with my new found running buddies. It's so nice to have someone to keep you company on a chilly morning! 

Sunday I dragged myself onto my bike for the first time (since being back in the city) in the cold (no, it didn't stay warm for long) night air to get to swim team practice (also a first since being back). The ride was short, but I was surprised how difficult it was! I'm was worried that I wasn't in cycling shape AT ALL! My riding buddy Jack is great conversation and, as always, I was completely enamored. All of a sudden I realized the ride was so hard because my back tire wasn't inflated properly! How stupid and unacceptable of me not to check before running out the door! (But at least it wasn't me...;)

The two hour swim practice was the cherry to top the sundae of my weekend. In short: it kicked my ass.  We incorporated a lot of stretching into the practice, which felt great. The actual swimming was difficult and exhilarating, and I remember why I love swimming. It's really not like any other sport. I've been really active since being out of the pool, but swimming works my body in a completely different way. 

I've also managed to make it to yoga a few times (as per my goals for the year) Hot Yoga and a regular vinyassa flow session. 

It's nice to settle into a routine again! 

Check back later this week...I've been working on a new Athlete's Green Product Guide that's not to be missed.

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