Friday, February 20, 2009

Before, During, After

These are some of the greener, more natural things I'm trying to fuel and compliment my workouts.

Before a hard workout:
Organic Dried Dates

A running buddy told me she's been eating dried dates to fuel her before workouts, and so I looked into the nutrition information. She's right: the fruit has a lot of great carbs to help you get a pre-workout kick, plus they're delicious.


Pro Bar

My work used to represent Pro Bar, so we have a few samples in the back room. My superviser encouraged me to help myself and I'm totally hooked now. The bars come in tons of natural flavors and are totally unprocessed and organic (I love every flavor I've tried so far!) They have a good deal of calories, so I make sure to eat them before a workout. They're also chock-full of protein, omega 3's, carbs and potassium.

During a hard workout:

Liv Organic Sports Drink

I've mentioned this product before, but the more I drink I the more I love it! This is obviously formulated to be a sports drink, so it has a good ratio of carbs and sodium to re-hydrate.

Coconut Water

It's definitely an acquired taste, but coconut water is a wonderful natural re- hydrant. It too has the perfect mix of sodium and carbs to replenish the body. I've been squeezing hot yoga and swim workouts into the same evenings and I usually down one of these in between to make sure I'm hydrated. So far I've only tried the flavored variety (which are all tasty), but I have a plain coconut one in my bag for this evening.

After a hard workout:

Kiss My Face Active Athletic Body Wash

I think hard workouts should be rewarded and this is the way to do it. It's made with Birtch, which is an anit-inflamatory, arnica which soothes sore muscles, and ceder, which is supposed to be calming.

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Kate AuH2O said...

Coconut water is delicious! What great suggestions!