Sunday, December 21, 2008

Running in Paradise

My last post was written at JFK Ariport in NYC....I got out of the north right before the crazy snow started, phew! I'm now enjoying the sunny and 78 degree weather in Florida.

This morning I headed out to do a nice 7 mile run along the river in Rockledge. Riveside Drive is an absolutely beautiful place to run (It's actually the route of the Space Coast Marathon). It's lined with ton of beautiful historic houses, lush oak trees heavy with spanish moss, and tropical palm trees to remind me why I love Florida. The only problem is the heat and humidity...but, I can't really complain. At least I'm not stuck in a blizzard!


After the run, back in Cocoa Village. 

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MJ said...

looks awesome. I'm leaving for Kona today - will be nice to get a bit of nice weather as it's blizzarding here too....

Vincent said...

I miss running in shorts and a T, soon Vancouver, soon!

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