Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving: Turkey Trot and Tofurkey

UPDATE: 15th female finisher. 1st in my age group!

Thanksgiving is all about tradition. I love the old ones like mom's pumpkin rolls and grandma's potatoes. But I love creating new ones even more!
Last year I started running a 5K Turkey Trot in Cocoa Beach, and this year I continued the tradition and ran it with my little brother.

The morning started early, at about 5:30. I had a little bit of a headache, but was feeling good otherwise. My family and I headed over to the race course about 6:15. As we were crossing the bridge from Merritt Island to the beach side, the sun rise was stunning. What a wonderful way to start the morning!
This was Jake's first 5k, so he wanted to run with me, even though he's much faster than I am. We ran the first two miles together and then he sprinted ahead to a great finish. Our first two splits were 7:44, then 7:59. 
He finished in 22:40 and I finished exactly a minute behind him at 23:40 (7:54 miles..I wanted closer to 7:30, but there's always next time!)
We headed home and I took a well deserved nap in front of the fireplace. Later that day Dad, Jake and I went to see my grandparents (Dad's side) and aunts and uncles for a quick visit. Then we rounded Mom up and went to my Grandma's house (Mom's side) for Thanksgiving dinner. I made some delicious vegan Tofurkey and then we ate, talked with family and watched the beautiful sunset.
(Dad, Mom, Me, Jake on Grandma's dock)
I hope everyone else had a wonderful Holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Rachel said...

Great job! You're super speedy!