Monday, November 24, 2008

I Heart Swimming

That's right ladies and gents - another victory for my beloved FIT Swim Team! 

On Friday (right before I jetted home to Florida for Thanksgiving...more on that later) we travelled under the tunnel to Queens to swim against Queensbourough College and Borough of Manhattan College. This meet was a lot more official - two judges were there to monitor the times and procedure, and because of that we were eligible to qualify for Nationals. 
Our team did fantastic as usual, and swam qualifying times in several events.

I swam two individual events and two relays:

The 50 Freestyle - 2nd place (almost first! Soooo close!)
The 100 Back - 1st place (this is my favorite event, but I still have to cut several seconds off to qualify for nationals, which is my new goal...The picture above is me swimming the back)
The 200 Medley Relay - 1st place and we qualified!
The 200 Freestyle Relay - 1st place and we qualified!

Here is Gwen KICKING ASS in the 500 Free. She won. They combined the men's and women's heats. She beat the guys. She rocks:)

And here's Jack, priceless picture. He was counting laps for Gwen's 500.
Congrats again to my wonderful team!

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1 comment:

MJ said...

I like how you are just a blur in that backstroke shot.... must be really moving!

Congrats to the team!