Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me, A Blogger?

Hello All!

This is the inaugural post on my eco-chic triathlete blog. I'm excited to enter the world of blogging, and interested to see how many of you share my triple-mix (how appropriate) of interests: the environment, style, and training to swim, bike, and run!
First of all, my name is Dana. I'm a student in New York City, although I grew up in Florida. Don't be fooled. I'm no expert in any of these areas (Sorry! Please keep reading!). But I am passionately interested in them, and through what I read, do, and experience I'm seeking to become an expert. 
I've been active all my life, in theatre and dance, running and swimming, and working out. But last year my passion for running bloomed while watching the New York City Marathon and I've never looked back. Since that crisp day in November 2007, I've been training to run faster and longer. Running a marathon was originally my ultimate goal, and although I still want to achieve that I also became incredibly interested in the triathlon. 
So I got on my bike and got into the pool, and now I'm on my way to becoming what I consider the ultimate athlete! And I want to do it all with a sense of eco-style!
As I mentioned, I go to school in New York, at the fashion-forward Fashion Institute of Technology. I'm working towards an advertising degree, and I am also co-editing the school's newspaper. I love the fashion world. I'm constantly inspired by designers, products and trends, and I love that the industry is trying to go green. I'm always searching for great work-out styles (hopefully with an eco-flair).
The environment is a cause that can fit into almost any passion. Trying to lead a greener life is better for me and the future of our lovely, beautiful, giving planet. I hope you'll check back often to follow my journey to the triathlon, and to become more stylishly eco-friendly. I'll post about my training, gear, shopping, nutrition, and all things green!
Always training in style!
-Dana, the wanna-be eco-chic triathlete


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