Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year, New Me

Technically the New Year began about 24 days ago, but since I've been on vacation in Florida, I decided to make my resolutions begin Monday January 26th, the day I go back to school (i.e. when the new year really begins for me. This may seem like a cop-out, but I assure you, it's not;) I'm sitting here in the Orlando International Airport, waiting to board my plane back to the cold, snowy north...So here they are, my goals and resolutions for 2009.

1. Re-use more instead of buying new things
2. Have a positive impact on my community
3. Recycle, recycle, recycle and encourage others to do so
4. Make a conscious effort to buy sustainable, organic and low impact goods

1. PR in the 5 and 10k running distances this year
2. Make it to yoga at least once a week (maybe more?)
3. Qualify for nationals in the 100 Backstroke (I have, like, one month to do this)
4. Complete my personal trainer certification and get a job at a gym

1. Keep my desk and dresser drawers organized
2. Don't play favorites with my clothes: wear all of them!
3. Save money
4. Make the best of my exciting spring internship and of my classes

I'll keep you all posted on my progress...We'll see how it goes!

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1 comment:

MJ said...

Nice list... and wise to commit once you're back in your regular environment. Tough to make real changes when you are on holiday.